Sunday, February 23, 2014

Plethora of Networks

Yep. The blog has suffered a severe bout of neglect. Mostly due to my not wanting to take the amount of time necessary to write and create a new post for it.  With the abundance of my postings to Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook, I've been relying on my ongoing postings there to make up for what I would normally post on the blog.  Which would usually be my progress with the writing, promotions, and marketing.

As a quick catch up:
  • Sales of Zegin's Infection have dropped of. Which is to be expected. It was over a year ago when I posted it to Amazon. Aside from my promotions on Twitter and G+, I've not been pushing it.  It's mainly a tidbit as an introduction to more in the series, and to me as a writer.
  • The draft of Zegin's Abduction has been completed and is in the hands of my Editor, Azi Parker. She did a draft edit of the first half the story and was instrumental in directing major improvements in my plot line. As a result I feel that it's a much stronger story. She now has my last full draft and I'm hoping to have it on Amazon this quarter.  
  • I wrote a short story called "Love Is In the Air" for last year's Write On the Sound writers conference in Edmonds. Everyone that I shared the story with had the same response - "You've got to do a novel on this!" So, that has been my primary focus since finishing the draft of ZA. I've mapped out the entire story as an outline, created all the characters and the background story, and I'm now in struggling while working writer mode while trying to crank out a chapter each week. I currently have 5 beta readers who are receiving each chapter when it's completed and are giving me great feedback. 

My latest social media stats are:

  • Klout Score: 55 and holding pretty steady
  • Page Loads for the past month: 89 Way, way down. 
  • Twitter Followers: 2286 and slowing rising
  • G+ Peeps Following: 1763 - This is a huge jump and an indication that G+ is becoming the new FB.
  • Zegin's Infection Sales/Downloads: 50/582

I'm sure that once Azi is done with the edits on ZA that I'll be diving into getting it updated and ready for publication. My plan is to do a single eBook release on Amazon, a combined eBook release on Amazon, and a printed combined release on Amazon (CreateSpace). I'll also do a free promotion on ZI with a link for ZA. And I'll be doing a very short free promotion on the ZA eBook. 
While I can't guarantee that I'll be updating the blog any time soon, I can guarantee that you can watch my progress and postings via the other media networks.  You can find me at:

When I post to Google Plus, it will usually also go to Twitter and Facebook, with a link back to the GooglePlus posting. 

If you're really interested in seeing more Blog postings, let me know how you feel. I do enjoy writing the postings and letting everyone know how it's going. It's just the process of taking a precious hour away from actually doing some story writing that I have a difficult time with. If more folks poke me with a blog stick I might be more prone to post here.

Well, enjoy the stories. 

Keep on writing.