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Wiley Press - FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting for Dummies - Q2, 2006 (ISBN 0-471-78648-9), Wiley Publications
Adventures in Flight Simulator – Q1, 1994 (ISBN 1-55615-582-4) Microsoft Press
Received Achievement Award from 20th Annual Publications, Art, and Online Competition
Received 2nd Place at San Diego Book Awards for Best Non-Fiction General.
Reviews: "He not only teaches you how to control the software, but how the same controls would work on an actual airplate. If you've always wanted to learn to fly, or you've invested in Flight Sulator but never quite got the hang of it, Adventures In Flight Simulator is a smart buy." - Home PC Magazine Nov. 1994
"Trimble's intention in 'Adventures' is not only to entertain and inform but also to demonstrate that Flight Simulator 5 shrinks the gap between real flight and flight simulation. In my opinion, he accomplishes these goals admirably and then some." - Microwings Magazine Sept./Oct. 1994

BAO Flight Shop User’s Guide – Bruce Artwick Organization (Flight Simulator add-on product)
da Vinci User’s Guide – ETS, Inc. (Programming tool for Palm OS)

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Ashton-Tate Magazine
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Plane and Pilot Magazine
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DBMS Magazine
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Business Software Magazine
  • Hard Disk Protection

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