Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Writing Week Progress

Baby Steps
I'm making progress this week, aside from the up-cropping of dealing with a auto insurance claim, de-icing the driveway, working on taxes, watching it snow, etc.  I'm actually getting some writing done and taking steps toward getting the first story out on Amazon.  Once I'm done with this posting I'm back to focusing on "Zegin's Abduction".

Zegin's Infection is still out with the editor.  I'm hoping she's done soon but

[The books on my writing desk]
I'm trying not to bug her with a status
email.  I'm expecting to have to do some rewriting and editing, and then get it back to her for review.  Meanwhile, I might have found a cover artist.  Thanks to a friend and coworker, this gent came highly recommended.  I reviewed his website and I liked what I saw.  We've discussed pricing and the concept/theme for the art.   I'm not naming names or providing links yet, until we have a successful release.  I don't think it's necessary to put the added pressure on the editor & artist until the work is done.  If it turns out good, I'll be singing their praises. ;)  Okay, maybe not singing - I don't want to scare the readers away.

I also managed to get two submissions out.  "The Wings of Leonardo" has been sent to Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show and "Invis" has been sent to Daily Science Fiction.  I'm a glutton for punishment.  This is my 5th submission to DSF and my 2nd to IMS.  I figure if I keep trying eventually I'll get one.  I've been spoiled by my non-fiction writing.  It's a whole new ballgame now. ;)

Wow!  I guess the last blog posting was a hit.  The statistics for this week have shown a major jump.  My wife says it's because I mentioned her.  ;)  Could be.  Everyone loves a good story, especially real life.  Some of this stuff you just can't make up.  (see below)

Here are the stats:

Klout Score: 43 (+3) Page Loads for the past month: 1016 (+221)
Twitter Followers: 229 (+95)
G+ Peeps Following: 100 (+10)

Aside from crediting my blog postings I also feel that this has to do with my involvement with several G+ communities, and my Twitter etiquette.  I rarely re-tweet unless I feel it is worthy, I personally thank those who follow me, and my postings are real - not a stream of constant advertising.  I do announce my blog postings and my milestones (submissions, rejections, etc.).  But I only do it once per platform.  (Oh I do wish someone would come up with a nice tool for posting to both Twitter and G+ at the same time.)

Topless in the Grocery Store
Several days ago I made a run to the local grocery store/pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my mom.  While waiting for the pharmacist to come to the counter I notice the sign that says, "Get your flu shot today!"  So, my thinking is that it IS that time of year, my wife has been reminding me how I got nailed by the flu last year (she didn't), and since the grocery store is promoting flu shots then I might as well get one. 

The pharmacist comes to the counter and I give him the prescription and I ask for a flu shot.  I pay for the chemicals and he then instructs me to wait in the seating area.  The seating area is actually more of a small corridor to the side of the pharmacy and has 4 chairs and a free blood pressure testing chair, which if I had been using, would indicate a sudden rise in my pressure.  I just realized that I requested a flu shot and I'm wearing a long sleeve white shirt, a tie, and a long sleeve pull over sweater.  Unfortunately, I didn't outline this flow like I do with my stories.

The pharmacist comes out with his little plastic tray of chemicals, syringes, and swabs.  And he's putting on his ultra thin latex gloves.  Then he states those words that I knew were coming, "I'm going to need an exposed shoulder."  My heart rate and blood pressure rises as I realize that I now need to remove the top half of my clothing. 

I reply with a laugh, "I guess I didn't think this through when I put on all these clothes." 

The pharmacist doesn't even crack a smile as he waits patiently for me to get ready.  Is there a job requirement that states that pharmacists should not have a sense of humor?  I briefly consider asking, "How many pharmacists does it take to change a light bulb," but then I re-consider.  (Just one, but he has to do it for ten days, three times a day.)

With my shirts off, calmly sitting, and waiting for one of my close friends to walk by - the pharmacist quickly makes the poke and is done before I can even think about saying ouch.  I thank him for the shot as I try to figure out how to gracefully tuck in a long sleeve white shirt without undoing my belt and pants.  (It's not easy, but doable.)  I consider asking for a shoe horn but I manage to get it done.

With my composure re-gained and mom's prescription in hand, I make a quick exit from the store.  On the way back home I think about the difference between standing in a grocery store with my shirt off and standing on a warm sandy beach next to the ocean.  In the store I dreaded being seen by any of my friends or associates while if I was on the beach I would proudly suck in the gut and strut on down to the water.  Amazing, what a difference in the venue can make!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Nice. I love writing about these moments as well. They really put things into perspective. We ALL worry too much. But then, no one wants to be indecent.