Monday, February 11, 2013

Tim Conway Steps

Tim Conway Steps

Usually, the phrase is "baby steps".  But I prefer the use of Tim Conway steps (as the old man).  That's the method a writer should use for getting something published.  One tiny step at a time.  When I started this new direction to fiction writing, I had attended a local writers' conference, and I defined some goals last November for myself.  These were:
  1.     Expand my audience via social media marketing (Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, Word of Mouth).
  2.     Write more!
  3.     Find an editor to work with.
  4.     Write more!
  5.     Find a graphics artist for quality cover art.
  6.     Write some more!
  7.     Track my ideas.
  8.     Sample/publish some writing.
  9.     Publish a story on Amazon.
For this initial project I'm down to the last 2 steps.  But I should adjust it some.  My steps should become ongoing processes to be stepped through over and over.  So, here is my adjusted list:
  1. Keep writing!
  2. Keep editing and use professional editor when needed.
  3. Add professional cover art when needed.
  4. Submit completed work to various markets and/or self publish.
  5. Continue marketing via social media.
  6. Read other authors work.
  7. Note (journal) new ideas.
  8. Do not wait for acceptance notices - go back to step 1.
I figure that if I can just stay focused on this process, the success and the sales will eventually follow along. 

Zegin's Infection Progress

The story is done and ready for Amazon formatting.  As a bonus, I've decided that I'm going to include a teaser for Zegin's Abduction and one of my other short stories.  I'm leaning toward including Jezi's Delima - about a space traveler who is misrouted while she is in stasis. 

The cover art is coming along quite nicely.  This is the latest update from Sean Hill.  Zegin's diagnostic robot is getting re-worked and is pending some additional textures.  And some of the external space port textures are in process.  I'm looking forward to the final.  (No pressure Sean!) ;)

Social Media Progress

Here are the latest statistics:

Klout Score: 49 (+1) Page Loads for the past month: 1280 (+239)
Twitter Followers: 979 (+218)
G+ Peeps Following: 290 (+72)

Big jumps for Twitter, page loads, and Google Plus.  I've been trying to increase my activity on Twitter and including my page link in my Follow Thank You messages.  This seems to have helped with the page hits.  Regarding Google Plus - I believe the increase is due to the increase in usage by other authors.  I'm still looking for a good process for posting to both Twitter and G+ at the same time.

Now back to reading (Impulse! by Steven Gould) and hopefully some more writing.

Keep on writing!

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